Estimated availability for spring
nucs: May 15-30.

5-Frame medium nucs are
available for $165.
To reserve your nuc for $65,
click the PayPal link below.

5-Frame deep nucs are


Be sure to add a note with your
name, email, and phone number
so we can contact you when your
nuc is ready! Balance is due at
pick up.

If you need help sending money
through PayPal, or the above link
does not work for you, please
click here.

Please contact Leroy if you'd like
to pay through The Square.

Queens are available for pick up only for
$30. Call ahead to reserve yours.
Two nucs ready for purchase are shown here. These
nucs contain bees ready to go to their new hives.
Remember, nucs are limited and should be ordered as
soon as possible.
Shown here is a ripe queen cell. The queen will be
ready to emerge within days and will then go into a
mating nuc to breed. She will be available for sale after
identifying a good brood pattern.